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Internationalization Process


We provide legal, financial, commercial, logistical and operational advice during the internationalization process.

We structure the internationalization strategy.

We identify possible allies, customers, partners, distributors, suppliers, etc. in new markets.

We advise on operational establishments in free trade zones.

We set up companies, manage visas, advise on the search for personnel, legally represent companies and do everything necessary for the establishment of a foreign company in a new market.

International Trade

We identify needs for expansion of products and services to the international market.

We analyze possible markets for products and services.

We provide advice on everything related to foreign trade operations.

We execute the operations with our clients.

We function as a facilitator and/or representative in new markets.

Private Foreign Investment

We identify and advise on foreign investment opportunities.

We facilitate the connection of investors with potential private investment projects.

We serve as a connection and operational medium between companies in different markets.

We provide concrete and effective support to investors in executing their investments.

Legal Consulting for SMEs


We accompany our clients safely and securely in their day-to-day legal needs.

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